A Cover and Now a Countdown: Every 90 Seconds

Book writing is kind of lonely, I’ve learned. Until recently, my career as an academic trauma psychologist focused on writing with other people — students, colleagues, community partners — to publish journal articles, book chapters, and edited volumes. I understand the pace and process of that kind of writing. Trade book writing is different, though.Continue reading “A Cover and Now a Countdown: Every 90 Seconds”

Awareness is Not Enough: An Update on the Forthcoming “Every 90 Seconds”

“Awareness, though, is not enough.” That was my response to a recent question about whether awareness of the sexual harassment in the Governor’s office in New York state was going to change things. I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of letting go of the promise that awareness will change violence against women whileContinue reading “Awareness is Not Enough: An Update on the Forthcoming “Every 90 Seconds””

On Accountability After Sexual Victimization

During Colorado’s legislative session, issues related to violence and abuse were front and center, from Senate Bill 88’s focus on the statute of limitations after child sexual abuse to the sunset review of the Sex Offender Management Board. Both the Senate bill and the sunset review focused attention on the importance of accountability after sexualContinue reading “On Accountability After Sexual Victimization”

New Op-Ed: What the #metoo Epidemic Means for #couldbemetoo

Recently released national research showed that one in sixteen adolescent girl’s first sexual experience is rape. In a new Denver Post Guest Commentary, Anne DePrince talks about the messages conveyed when violence is so common. And the messages we need to send instead.

“Starless” and the non-fiction reality of violence against women: #couldbemetoo

Since my day-job focuses on trauma and violence, my off-the-clock reading tends towards fantasy and science fiction. I tell people this is my escape, though fantasy and science fiction often reflect back our day-to-day world in stark and profound ways. I was reminded of this recently while reading Jacqueline Carey’s Starless.  Starless opens as you meetContinue reading ““Starless” and the non-fiction reality of violence against women: #couldbemetoo”

The Wrong Lesson: The Radical Re-Write of the Definition of Sexual Harassment in the Proposed Title IX Rules

Only a handful of days remain to make public comments on the problematic Title IX rules proposed by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos (comments have to be submitted by January 30). If you’re thinking about submitting a comment, there are resources available on writing an effective comment and plenty of reasons to get your keyboard.Continue reading “The Wrong Lesson: The Radical Re-Write of the Definition of Sexual Harassment in the Proposed Title IX Rules”

Sexual Assault Survivors’ Advice to Service Providers

by Anne P. DePrince, Ph.D. Sexual assault remains one of the most under-reported crimes, with women tending not to disclose their experiences to formal supports, such as police, doctors, and counselors. As #MeToo broke into public awareness last year, requests for sexual assault services increased. That more survivors are seeking services is good news, particularly given theContinue reading “Sexual Assault Survivors’ Advice to Service Providers”