Older Adult Exploitation and Housing

by Anne P. DePrince, PhD and Leslie Hasche, PhD From the Democratic presidential debate stage to op-ed pages, the affordable housing crisis hitting communities across the country has received much needed attention. As a trauma psychologist and social worker, we applaud the national spotlight on housing affordability. Yet, that’s only part of the conversation weContinue reading “Older Adult Exploitation and Housing”

Bringing Trauma Science to the 2020 News Cycle

The news in 2020 has been fast and furious. In January and February, the world watched as Harvey Weinstein stood trial for (and was convicted on) multiple counts of sexual assault. By March, our worlds were turned upside down by the coronavirus crisis. These whirlwind events have had numerous implications for victims, survivors, and serviceContinue reading “Bringing Trauma Science to the 2020 News Cycle”

Sexual Assault Awareness in a Pandemic

Last month’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month looked different from past years. Instead of group shots on Denim Day, the TSS Group found ourselves piecing together photo montages from different corners of Denver and the world. Instead of showing up to events focused on consent or what it means to start by believing, we’ve found ourselvesContinue reading “Sexual Assault Awareness in a Pandemic”