Sexual Assault and Health: Trauma-Related Appraisals and Physical Health

Note: The following post, written by Dr. Kerry Gagnon (Ph.D. ’18), describes findings from her dissertation research.  An estimated one in six women in America has been sexual assaulted[1]. In addition to the psychological costs of sexual assault, many survivors face physical health consequences that can last for weeks up to years. Physical health symptoms can includeContinue reading “Sexual Assault and Health: Trauma-Related Appraisals and Physical Health”

Campus Sexual Assault, Alcohol Use, and Attention

Note: The following post, written by Dr. Michelle Lee (Ph.D. ’18), describes findings from her dissertation research.   Sexual assault and harmful alcohol use are significant problems among women attending college, with approximately 20% of women experiencing forced sexual contact, attempted rape, and/or rape as college students (Fisher et al., 2003; Krebs et al., 2007; SAMHSA, 2015).Continue reading “Campus Sexual Assault, Alcohol Use, and Attention”

Welcome New TSS Group Team Members

This fall, the TSS Group welcomed two new graduate students to our team: Maria-Ernestina Christl and Adi Rosenthal. We asked them a few questions to help you get to know them. Q: Welcome to the TSS Group. Tell us about yourself, please! Maria-Ernestina: Hi! I am from Alabama and moved to Colorado for grad school. I amContinue reading “Welcome New TSS Group Team Members”