What’s in a Measure? Developing the Trauma Appraisal Questionnaire

Clinicians and researchers have long recognized that violence and abuse affect how people make meaning — of the world and themselves. For example, survivors might blame themselves or feel rage at others. Those appraisals of the trauma can, in turn, affect psychological distress and healing. Measuring appraisals, then, can be important to both clinical workContinue reading “What’s in a Measure? Developing the Trauma Appraisal Questionnaire”

Alienation after Trauma

Even though I had friends, I was still lonely. My friends didn’t understand my reactions. There was a huge void inside me. These are some of the ways that survivors describe feeling alienated after trauma, particularly after intimate violence such as sexual assault or domestic violence. Several years ago, we developed the Trauma Appraisal QuestionnaireContinue reading “Alienation after Trauma”

With Sexual Assault in the Spotlight, Sharing Science

  What does research have to say about common myths that might come up during sexual assault trials? What does science have to say about so-called false memories of sexual assault? Questions like these have come to the forefront with the start of the trial of media mogul Harvey Weinstein on multiple counts of sexualContinue reading “With Sexual Assault in the Spotlight, Sharing Science”