seed12Welcome to Research Notes, the home for news from the University of Denver’s Traumatic Stress Studies (TSS) Group in the Department of Psychology.

The TSS Group, directed by Anne P. DePrince, Ph.D., brings together student researchers from the Psychology Department and collaborators from around the world.

We are a community-engaged, feminist, anti-racist research team committed to intersectional research that disrupts gender-based violence and other forms of oppression. Living up to these values is a goal and a process for all members of our team.  You can learn more about us here.

As community-engaged researchers, we are committed to building and deepening partnerships community-university partnerships to do research that matters for public problem solving.

We know that research can only make a difference when it gets into the hands of those who can use it. We also understand that good communication is key to successful partnerships.

That’s why we’ve made this site — to get research to you and keep you updated on study progress.

The TSS Group values community engagement in our research approach, allowing us to address questions of public concern as we learn from and with our community partners. Thank you for your partnership.

P.S. This site replaces our quarterly newsletters, though those are still available. Catch up with us here for all the new stuff! Views shared on this site are the authors’ own.