New Op-Ed: Traumatic Brain Injury & Domestic Violence

Having learned from survivors and heard from practitioners, there is no question: Attention to traumatic brain injury (TBI) in domestic violence is urgently needed.  In a new Scientific American op-ed, Dr. Kim Gorgens and I argue for bringing a spotlight to TBI visible in domestic violence. I invite you to take a look at the article and share withContinue reading “New Op-Ed: Traumatic Brain Injury & Domestic Violence”

TSS Group Findings Shared at International Research Meeting

On any given day, our team is doing research the connections between different forms of interpersonal trauma and a range of outcomes, from service use to distress. This approach was on display at the Annual Meeting of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS) in Boston earlier this month, where our team presented researchContinue reading “TSS Group Findings Shared at International Research Meeting”

National Spotlight on Denver-Area Research

The results of research made possible by many Denver-area partners just got a national spotlight in my new piece in The Conversation. Please take¬†look at the article to read about: The impact of coordinated responses to domestic violence on victim-survivor well-being; New findings¬†that offer a window into how multidisciplinary teams approach coordinating responses. This newContinue reading “National Spotlight on Denver-Area Research”

What We’re Reading: Making Sense of Gender Differences in the News

“What We’re Reading” is a new feature of Trauma Research Notes. Check back or follow us to explore connections between TSS Group research and the fiction and nonfiction we’re reading. Surfing online news or social media means bumping into headlines about gender differences on a regular basis. Catchy claims, such as “Meet the neuroscientist debunkingContinue reading “What We’re Reading: Making Sense of Gender Differences in the News”