On Accountability After Sexual Victimization

During Colorado’s legislative session, issues related to violence and abuse were front and center, from Senate Bill 88’s focus on the statute of limitations after child sexual abuse to the sunset review of the Sex Offender Management Board. Both the Senate bill and the sunset review focused attention on the importance of accountability after sexualContinue reading “On Accountability After Sexual Victimization”

Growing Despite Trauma

by Adi Rosenthal, 3rd Year Graduate Student, TSS Group Most trauma research focuses on the many negative impacts of trauma exposure, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, poorer physical health, and disruptions to social relationships. But psychologists have also studied positive outcomes after trauma, called posttraumatic growth. Think: new appreciation for life, strengthened relationships with others,Continue reading “Growing Despite Trauma”

A Resource for Victim Service Agencies Looking for Research Findings

by Kelly Miller, Psychology Major My name is Kelly Miller and I am culminating my journey here at the University of Denver in the next few weeks. I will be graduating from DU with a BA in Psychology, a minor in Marketing, and a Certificate in Psychology with an emphasis on Mental Health. Across myContinue reading “A Resource for Victim Service Agencies Looking for Research Findings”