Launching A New Study of Self Harm and Pain after Interpersonal Trauma

by Adi Rosenthal, 5th Year Graduate Student, Child Clinical and DCN Programs Survivors of interpersonal trauma are two times more likely than people in the general population to intentionally injure themselves, sometimes referred to as self-harm.  The risk of self-harm goes up even higher if survivors meet criteria for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Over theContinue reading “Launching A New Study of Self Harm and Pain after Interpersonal Trauma”

A New Alum + New Adventures

Congratulations to Dr. Naomi Wright, who graduated in August after completing her internship at Denver Health! As is TSS Group tradition, she made one more visit to our offices to add her handprint to the wall, representing the mark she has left on our team. Next up, Dr. Wright begins a postdoctoral fellowship at theContinue reading “A New Alum + New Adventures”