What do Earth Day and Sexual Assault Awareness Month Have in Common?

Here we are on the final day of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, a week after Earth Day. I’ve been thinking about the many colorful flyers I’ve seen this past month (in real life and on social media), advertising seemingly separate events: One set celebrating Earth Day and another raising awareness about sexual assault, including for DenimContinue reading “What do Earth Day and Sexual Assault Awareness Month Have in Common?”

Denim Day 2023

The Traumatic Stress Studies Group is proud to join the Colorado Coalition against Sexual Assault as well as survivors, allies, and providers from near and far for Denim Day 2023! Our team wears denim to show our commitment to using research to raise awareness and take action. Will you join us? After all, a worldContinue reading “Denim Day 2023”

The History of Hysteria in Women’s Lives

We’ve probably all heard it before: A woman expresses rage or grief and gets called hysterical. Another discloses sexual harassment or assault, and she gets labeled hysterical. The tendency to write off women’s emotions and experiences as hysterical isn’t an accident of history, as I explored in Every 90 Seconds: Our Common Cause Ending Violence against Women. Since it’s Women’s HistoryContinue reading “The History of Hysteria in Women’s Lives”

As Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month Comes to a Close, What Next?

As February gives way to March, Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month comes to a close. Building on themes related to translating awareness into action from Every 90 Seconds: Our Common Cause Ending Violence against Women, I’ve been thinking about how we can leverage February’s awareness-building to take action all year long to prevent and respondContinue reading “As Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month Comes to a Close, What Next?”

Talking about Violence against Women this Holiday Season

A conversation about intimate violence. A giftwrapped book on violence against women. These may not seem like the best holiday ideas, but just hear me out before you decide. For generations, talking about intimate violence has been taboo. That pattern started to shift with the Women’s Movement of the 1960s and 70s, and kept changingContinue reading “Talking about Violence against Women this Holiday Season”

Bringing Attention to Strangulation in Intimate Violence

I snapped a photo of a couple of red bikes leaning near a spray-painted message about femicide on a quiet side street in Paris in 2019. I was in the midst of writing the proposal for Every 90 Seconds and came across messages like this across the city, which had seen thousands of people marchContinue reading “Bringing Attention to Strangulation in Intimate Violence”

Understanding Betrayal and Changing the World

Professors talk a lot. With students and colleagues. In classes and communities. No matter one’s career stage, there’s a whole lot of talking. Well, with one exception: Professors don’t get to say much at all on the day that they retire. That’s because there’s a tradition in academia of giving lectures or publishing a bookContinue reading “Understanding Betrayal and Changing the World”

Sharing Trauma Research for Action @PsychToday

Translating awareness to action is a central theme of Every 90 Seconds as well as a passion. This year, I took that theme (and passion) to the (virtual) pages of Psychology Today. Under the banner, “From Awareness to Action: Addressing Intimate Violence and Trauma Together,” here are the topics I’ve covered so far: If youContinue reading “Sharing Trauma Research for Action @PsychToday”

An Unwavering Belief in a Future We’ve Never Known

I sat down in the aging office chair and regarded the towering shelf of books. A good shake and we’d surely be buried in decades of psychology texts. From the other side of a large desk, the world-renowned professor I’d just met asked, “How do you stay so optimistic?” This wasn’t the question I wasContinue reading “An Unwavering Belief in a Future We’ve Never Known”

This DVAM, Sharing Observations from Every 90 Seconds

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month — and a great time to correct misconceptions that violence against women is a special interest or women’s issue. Instead, it’s each of our issue. To illustrate our shared interest in moving from awareness to action, I’m sharing observations from Every 90 Seconds: Our Common Cause Ending Violence againstContinue reading “This DVAM, Sharing Observations from Every 90 Seconds”