Naming Relationship Abuse

Psychologists have a role to play in educating the public about relationship abuse. At least, that’s what we believe in the Traumatic Stress Studies Group.

Graduate students Adi Rosenthal and Maria-Ernestina Christl took up that education charge when they penned a commentary for The Denver Post, entitled Tiger King, Abuse, and Coercive Control.

Their opinion piece used the wildly popular Netflix docu-series Tiger King to point out dynamics of abuse in intimate and work relationships. Whether or not you’ve binge-watched the series, their commentary illustrates the applications of research on dependence and betrayal (including findings from our team) to the public’s understanding of abuse.

As Adi and Maria-Ernestina point out, “Long after the hype of Tiger King runs its course, the realities of interpersonal abuse and coercive control remain and require the attention of the public.”