Welcome New TSS Group Team Members

This fall, the TSS Group welcomed two new graduate students to our team: Maria-Ernestina Christl and Adi Rosenthal. We asked them a few questions to help you get to know them. Q: Welcome to the TSS Group. Tell us about yourself, please! Maria-Ernestina: Hi! I am from Alabama and moved to Colorado for grad school. I amContinue reading “Welcome New TSS Group Team Members”

Statewide Evaluation Project Gets Underway

In July, we kicked off work with our colleagues at the Colorado State Office for Victims Programs (OVP) to evaluate the impact of recent increases in VOCA funding on victim services in Colorado. Colorado, along with other states, received a significant increase in federal Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) funds in 2015. OVP, which administersContinue reading “Statewide Evaluation Project Gets Underway”

How many PhDs does it take?

How many PhDs does it take to change the world? I’m guessing that we’ll find out as three of the TSS Group’s finest graduate this month after completing their dissertations: Kerry Gagnon, Sexual Assault and Health: Understanding the Interplay of Trauma-Related Appraisals and Physical Health Outcomes Michelle Lee, Role of Executive Function and Alcohol-Sex Schema inContinue reading “How many PhDs does it take?”