With Sexual Assault in the Spotlight, Sharing Science


Screenshot from The Hill. Click here to read.


What does research have to say about common myths that might come up during sexual assault trials?

What does science have to say about so-called false memories of sexual assault?

Questions like these have come to the forefront with the start of the trial of media mogul Harvey Weinstein on multiple counts of sexual assault. Dr. Joan Cook and I set out to use research to answer these questions in two recent pieces.

The first piece, featured at The Hill, focuses on three things that we wish jurors knew about sexual assault.


Screenshot from The Conversation. Click here to read.

The second piece, which appeared last week in The Conversation, explains that science does not support claims that survivors suffer from so-called false memories of sexual assaults that never happened.

I hoped you’ll take a look at both pieces and share with your networks!