Every 90 Seconds: A Book Launch and A Path Forward

Every 90 Seconds has (finally) arrived!

The book’s launch this month is a culmination of a journey that has involved so many of you:

  • The survivors who shared their stories and perspectives with the TSS Group.
  • The victim service providers who work in our communities day in and day out.
  • The colleagues who collaborated with the TSS Group in project after project.
  • The students who aspire for research to contribute to social change.

On that journey, I came to better understand the myriad ways that violence against women intersects with the great public problems of our time. Education and legal reform. Gun violence and immigration policy. Healthcare and economic inequities.

At those intersections, the sheer scope of the toll that intimate violence takes on individuals and communities comes into clearer focus. The enormity of the situation could leave us overwhelmed and unmoored.

But here’s the thing that I also discovered on this journey: There’s more to those intersections than just problems. There are also solutions.

Indeed, those intersections offer an opportunity to fundamentally change how we approach the problem of violence against women. It’s a chance to show an ever-growing network of people that we each share an interest in working together for change, including those who never thought that violence against women was their problem. After all, the progress that others want to see in the world is tangled up with violence against women. Working together, we can build a new path forward.

And so Every 90 Seconds is an invitation to continue this journey together. To build new paths for collaboration and connection, and to explore new ways to collaborate to build a world none of us has known: one without intimate violence.

Building that better world begins with connecting with each other. I hope you’ll do that just that, including with me at upcoming events!

See you on the path forward.


Interested in scheduling a book event – whether a book club or a staff meeting, a conference or a webinar? Please reach out!

Order today from Oxford University Press or:

Published by Anne P. DePrince, PhD

Author of "Every 90 Seconds: Our Common Cause Ending Violence Against Women" (Oxford University Press), Anne is Distinguished University Professor of Psychology and Associate Vice Provost of Public Good Strategy and Research at the University of Denver. She directs the Traumatic Stress Studies Group.

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