Need and Barriers Facing Caregivers in Child Abuse Investigations: Preliminary Finding from a New Measurement Tool

by Adi Rosenthal, 3rd Year Graduate Student, TSS Group Each year in the United States, about 3.5 million children are the center of child abuse or neglect investigations. These children are arguably our country’s most vulnerable. Often, the well-being of these children can be supported by providing services to their caregivers based on families’ needs.Continue reading “Need and Barriers Facing Caregivers in Child Abuse Investigations: Preliminary Finding from a New Measurement Tool”

Tracking Victim Services in Colorado

by Anne P. DePrince & Naomi Wright Would more money help? More precisely: Would increases in funding for victim services across Colorado change service provision, improve organizational capacity to service victims, and improve collaboration across service agencies? That kind of change is a tall order. But that’s what our colleagues at the Office for VictimsContinue reading “Tracking Victim Services in Colorado”

Check-in + Check Out: Traumatic Brain Injury and Intimate Partner Abuse

For many years, the term traumatic brain injury (or TBI) has evoked thoughts about the perils that faced combat troops or world-class athletes. Recently, victim advocates and researchers have pointed out the importance of recognizing that TBIs also affect victims and survivors of intimate partner abuse (IPA). Here at the Traumatic Stress Studies (TSS) Group,Continue reading “Check-in + Check Out: Traumatic Brain Injury and Intimate Partner Abuse”

Older Adult Exploitation and Housing

by Anne P. DePrince, PhD and Leslie Hasche, PhD From the Democratic presidential debate stage to op-ed pages, the affordable housing crisis hitting communities across the country has received much needed attention. As a trauma psychologist and social worker, we applaud the national spotlight on housing affordability. Yet, that’s only part of the conversation weContinue reading “Older Adult Exploitation and Housing”

Bringing Trauma Science to the 2020 News Cycle

The news in 2020 has been fast and furious. In January and February, the world watched as Harvey Weinstein stood trial for (and was convicted on) multiple counts of sexual assault. By March, our worlds were turned upside down by the coronavirus crisis. These whirlwind events have had numerous implications for victims, survivors, and serviceContinue reading “Bringing Trauma Science to the 2020 News Cycle”

Sexual Assault Awareness in a Pandemic

Last month’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month looked different from past years. Instead of group shots on Denim Day, the TSS Group found ourselves piecing together photo montages from different corners of Denver and the world. Instead of showing up to events focused on consent or what it means to start by believing, we’ve found ourselvesContinue reading “Sexual Assault Awareness in a Pandemic”

Alienation after Trauma

Even though I had friends, I was still lonely. My friends didn’t understand my reactions. There was a huge void inside me. These are some of the ways that survivors describe feeling alienated after trauma, particularly after intimate violence such as sexual assault or domestic violence. Several years ago, we developed the Trauma Appraisal QuestionnaireContinue reading “Alienation after Trauma”

The Impact of A Multidisciplinary Team after Elder Abuse and Neglect

by Anne P. DePrince  & Leslie Hasche Community-coordinated responses and multidisciplinary teams have become common responses to domestic violence and sexual assault across the United States. These approaches focus on collaboration across community (e.g., shelters and legal advocacy programs) and criminal justice (e.g., prosecuting attorney and police) agencies to respond to victimization.[1] More recently, multidisciplinaryContinue reading “The Impact of A Multidisciplinary Team after Elder Abuse and Neglect”

When Campuses and Law Enforcement Collide: Preparing for Co-Occurring Sexual Assault Investigations

by Anne P. DePrince & Julie M. Olomi With more than half of campus sexual assaults occurring during the Fall, much of schools’ policy attention in the latter half of 2019 was probably focused on handling internal Title IX investigations. However, when sexual assaults are also reported to the police, campuses must also be prepared toContinue reading “When Campuses and Law Enforcement Collide: Preparing for Co-Occurring Sexual Assault Investigations”

TSS Group Findings Shared at International Research Meeting

On any given day, our team is doing research the connections between different forms of interpersonal trauma and a range of outcomes, from service use to distress. This approach was on display at the Annual Meeting of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS) in Boston earlier this month, where our team presented researchContinue reading “TSS Group Findings Shared at International Research Meeting”