Wishing you Creature Comfort this New Year

A few years back, I heard Tarana Burke speak at a Blue Bench event in Denver. In fielding questions about how she has navigated a high profile career addressing sexual assault and trauma, she spoke of curating joy in her life.

I think of her phrase – curating joy – often. Growing up professionally in the trauma world, I’ve had no shortage of self-care conversations. But curating joy resonated in a new way — a way that was proactive and recognized that seeing the world in all of its realities is a process. Just as we need people to really recognize the impacts of trauma, we also need a world in which each of us can discover and curate joy.

One of my paths to curating joy is through my camera. I love the discovery of something awe-inspiring, unexpected, even magical in the world around me. This past year, I found that magic in gardens and open spaces. It became a sort of creature comfort, you could say.

Which brings me to my new year’s wish for you: I hope you find openings this holiday season to curate joy, to discover something magical in the world around you — some creature comfort. After all, we’ll need that joy in the year ahead as we begin our work anew to end intimate violence together.

See you in 2022. With joy.

Published by Anne P. DePrince, PhD

Author of "Every 90 Seconds: Our Common Cause Ending Violence Against Women" (Oxford University Press), Anne is Distinguished University Professor of Psychology and Associate Vice Provost of Public Good Strategy and Research at the University of Denver. She directs the Traumatic Stress Studies Group.

One thought on “Wishing you Creature Comfort this New Year

  1. I love these photos! I love seeing the wonder in the little things of nature!!

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