Reflecting on Research into Child Abuse and Neglect Investigations

We spend a lot of time thinking about teams here at the Traumatic Stress Studies (TSS) Group, particularly the impact that multidisciplinary teams can have in responding to trauma and violence in our communities.

Whether communities are responding to sexual assault or domestic violence, older adult maltreatment or campus sexual assault, we’ve found that multidisciplinary teams matter — to survivors and providers, to case outcomes and wellbeing.

But what about during child abuse and neglect investigations?

A few years ago, the TSS Group collaborated with government partners and DU Professor Julia Dmitrieva to try to understand more about the impact of multidisciplinary responses to child abuse and neglect investigations. At the time, we shared a few take-aways in our Trauma Notes (in case you missed it, check out: After Child Abuse and Neglect Allegations: Caregiver Perceptions of Investigations and Working Together: Multidisciplinary Team Responses to Child Abuse & Neglect Investigations).

I had a chance recently to talk about the study findings with Tiffany Madrid, the Director of Legislative Affairs and Policy for Colorado’s Child Protection Ombudsman (CPO) and Dr. Kristin Klopfenstein, the Director of the Colorado Evaluation and Action Lab, who supported our research.

You can read more about our conversation here, or take a look below!

Published by Anne P. DePrince, PhD

Author of "Every 90 Seconds: Our Common Cause Ending Violence Against Women" (Oxford University Press), Anne is Distinguished University Professor of Psychology and Associate Vice Provost of Public Good Strategy and Research at the University of Denver. She directs the Traumatic Stress Studies Group.

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