How many PhDs does it take?

How many PhDs does it take to change the world?

I’m guessing that we’ll find out as three of the TSS Group’s finest graduate this month after completing their dissertations:

  • Kerry Gagnon, Sexual Assault and Health: Understanding the Interplay of Trauma-Related Appraisals and Physical Health Outcomes
  • Michelle Lee, Role of Executive Function and Alcohol-Sex Schema in the Relationship between Alcohol Use and Sexual Assault
  • Tejas Srinivas, Predicting and Shifting Attitudes toward Immigrants and Immigration: Testing a Model and Communication Strategy

Stay tuned to Research Notes for more on the central findings from these timely and important dissertations studies.

Thank you to Kerry, Michelle, and Tejas for their many contributions to our team and Denver-based work, including on the Women’s Health Project, Legal Information Network of Colorado (LINC), and Older Adult Research (OAR) Project.

Tejas leaves her mark on our office walls after defending her dissertation.